Limited Edition Modern & Contemporary Digital Art


Digital Artist of Modern & Contemporary Art

Barry Reithmeier is a full time professional artist from Rockford, Illinois. His ability to pioneer creative ways to create and present artwork makes him unique in an industry that is searching for something new and different. Colorful abstracts that convey movement with the appeal of visual music, frameless image tiles that float over brushed stainless steel, and the added sense of depth and layering are trademarks of his work that make it distinctively recognizable.

His work is created digitally using 3-D software. He begins by building an abstract world using primitive shapes, materials and textures. After this virtual world is created exploration begins. Using the monitor as a camera viewfinder he explores every millimeter of this world searching for unique reflections and compositions, just as a photographer would in the real world. Once an image appears it is then rendered, color corrected, and retouched for any anomalies or artifacts that may have occurred during rendering.

The next step in the process is to bring the virtual images into reality. This is a technical and lengthy process. The image is sublimated into an archival material called Chromaluxe. This process involves heat and pressure to transfer the image from a clay-based paper directly into a polymer resin. This provides the ultimate color reproduction, clarity and longevity of each and every print. The “art tile” is then mounted over 18 gauge brushed stainless steel.

All this from a high school educated artist, self-taught computer user. All the skills he has acquired throughout his years of absorbing information and experimentation are combined to bring you these outstanding works of art.